The Company Purple Tod Consulting started with a strong beginning and after long contemplation and consideration in SEPTEMBER 2014 when a dialogue was initiated to discuss the formation of said company. This company was built on a set of very firm notions and beliefs inter alia

  • The state has provided for BEE...Purple Tod is Level 1 Contributor with 135%procurement recognition
  • BEE is not a license to entitlement … but rather an opportunity for access, redress participation and equity
  • No-one will do business with a BEE company unless it is to mutual benefit
  • Transformation of our economy is an imperative with the emphasis on job creation
  • There remains a lot of BEE still to done for competent companies… scan the market … “talk to people until they talk back”
  • Fronting is not an option
  • Our company aims to add value to our economy.

Such is the belief of the founding and current members of our company … “A new giant has been born … “we shall crawl, then walk and later fly … but we shall also accelerate the gaps in between”.

Credo is “Empowerment, Innovation and Excellence!”


PURPLE TOD CONSULTING was established to enter the Corporate World, maximizing the opportunity through the framework provided by the state and bridging the strategic divide between the “large” Corporate Enterprise and the SMME’s.


We aim to achieve our vision and market share/access through the formation of strategic partnerships and direct trading including;

  • Job creation
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Joint Ventures
  • Empowerment Transactions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Green Ventures
  • Direct Investment
  • Public/Private Partnership
  • Corporate Social Investment


  • Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)
  • Economic participation and transformation for Social cohesion
  • Adding economic value … creating jobs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Equity and redress
  • Corporate Social Investment (SCI)
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Business integrity and ethics
  • Fair profit-making
  • Services and Products
    • Value for money
    • High quality and standard
    • Effectiveness
    • Efficiency


Black Ownership           (Selvin John Daniels)                                                            100%

Black Management                                                                                                     100%

Black Female Management                                                                                           50%

Chief Operating Officer (CEO)                 - Selvin Daniels

Chief Operating Officer (COO)                - Tammy Daniels

About Selvin Daniels:


Primary Teaching Diploma/ BA Degree [Psychology, History, Sociology, Political Science]/ B. Ed Degree [Comparative and Developmental Education, Curriculum Learning and Teaching, Philosophy, Adult Education]/ Postgraduate Diploma – Governance/ Certificate Financial Management/ Diploma Industrial Relations/ Certificate Effective Management of Disciplinary Hearings/ Certificate in Financial Management/ Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring/ Certificate in M&E.

Work History & Experience:

Assistant Store-man 1976/ Educator 1982-1996/ Head of Department 1984-1996/ Deputy-Principal 1995/ Circuit Manager 1996-2008/ Circuit Team Manager 2008-2010/ Pearson 2010-2013/ DBE (NEEDU) 2012-2014/ SACE 2014-16/UMALUSI 2014-2016


Education Law & Policy/ Administrative Law/ Management & Leadership & Administration Theory and Practice/ School& Global Governance/ Labour Law and Policy/ Project & Programme Management/ Macro-Economic Theory/ Budget & Finance Management/ Change Management/ Organizational Management and Development/ Human & Social Capital/ Policy Formulation, Implementation & Review/ Negotiations/ Monitoring & Evaluation/ Supervision & Assessment/ Quality Assurance/ Induction, Mentoring & Coaching/ Investigations & Report-writing/ Labour Relations – Bargaining, Mediation & Arbitration/ Disciplinary Hearings/ Political & Social Theory & Strategy/ Conflict Management/ Action & Academic Research/ Seminar/Workshop Design & Facilitation/ Employment Equity/ Skills Development/Assesment and Moderation.

Membership & Leadership


Manenberg Advice Office (MAO) 1985/ Manenberg People’s Centre(MPC)/ Vuyani Educare Centre 1995/6/ Western Cape Teachers Union (WECTU) 1985/6/ South African Teachers Union (SADTU) 1990/ Hanover Park Development Bursary Fund (HPDBF) 2007


Community Organization: Manenberg Advice Office/ Manenberg People’s Centre/ Manenberg Education Development Trust (MEDT)/ Vuyani Educare Centre/ Hanover Park Development Bursary Fund/ United Democratic Front(UDF) “Committee of 81”

Professional Organizations:

Western Cape Teachers Union/ South African Democratic Teachers Union/ South African Council of Educators

Personal Traits:

Loyalty/ Punctual/ Creative/ Lifelong learner/ Team player/ Diplomat/ Humble/ Love reading and writing/ Strategic and tactical thinker/ Charming/ Love cooking/ Passion for knowledge/ Agent for change/ Visionary/ Tough and skillful negotiator/ Always positive and optimistic/ Love to serve/ Highly disciplined/ Idealistic but pragmatic

Short Biographical History:

I was born in Woodstock Cape Town, the eldest of six; three sisters and two brothers. Mother a domestic worker and father an artisan. Group areas forced family to the Cape Flats – Manenberg and attended Heideveld and Easter Peak Primary and Silverstream High School. I am a founder member of Wectu and Sadtu. Detained without trial in 1985 (Victor Verster) and 1988 (Pollsmoor). Promoted to Circuit Manager  and Circuit Team Manager respectively in 1996 and 2008.

Motto: 'The individual can make a difference'

Some of my defining moments in education;

  1. Conceptual development of social biology at Manenberg High School
  2. Attending the FISE Conference in Prague representing WECTU
  3. Visiting Zimbabwe in 1987 & 1994 as part of a work-study representing WECTU/SADTU
  4. Submission of proposal for external monitoring and evaluation to BP O Connell
  5. Involvement in the amalgamation of four exDepartments in the Western Cape
  6. Involvement in the establishment of the WCED
  7. Various OD change processes of the WCED
  8. Involvement of processes that include considering the NEEDU Report and proposals to the Education Minister
  9. Research assistant for Prof John Volmink on teacher professionalism and professionalization of Education.
  10. My work with SACE & UMALUSI & PEARSON
  11. Numerous articles published in the printed media
  12. Volunteer services
  13. Role in the struggle for freedom and democracy
  14. Production of a Principals Manual
  15. Professional Development for School Principals.
  16. Fundamental Training Centre (FTC) Associate
  17. "Coaching SMTs Project" with SADTU


Blomvlei Primary School
Phundulwazi High School
IJR - Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
South African Democratic Teachers Union
Mfuleni Primary School
Forest Village Leadership Academy - Eerste River 
Destiny Academy
Keep The Dream
Infinity Charis Academy


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